Everyday as a parent/caregiver is an adventure.  Here you will find guidance on those everyday things ranging from play-based learning, positive parenting, to healthy lifestyles. 
I see play as a perfect opportunity to build bonds with those we love.  I will show you how to use play to teach children how to interact with other, deal with feelings, and create independence.
Positive Parenting is an opportunity to connect with your child by using positive approaches to minimize children’s frustration and misbehavior.
Having a healthy lifestyle is important to growing families.  Choosing a healthy lifestyle will help you be a positive parent/caregiver.  Parents/caregiver need to take care of themselves so they can be there to care for those they love.  I will provide guidance with activities to do as a family as well on your own.  This will include healthy meals and creating healthy relationships.

I by no means have it all together.  I am just like you learning along the way.  Please share your everyday adventures with us.

Spend time everyday active in your child's life and you will gain a life time of memories.

The creator of this page holds a degree in Recreation with an emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation along with a Teaching Certification in elementary education and jr high.  She runs a family child care program and is a Beach body coach.  This page was created to share information and help families grow together.      

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