Friday, April 8, 2011

My Goodness they won't sleep

Today it took me 2 hours to DD to take a nap. She took a nap in the swing at the Y at 10 ish. She slept until 11. This has been working well. Both of them have been going back down around 1:30-2. This has worked well however our afternoons are shot since they slept. Well today we had the car seats checked, went to the park, and had lunch right after work. So when we got home i thought she would be ready for bed but she fought me. She is in our bed since we use her room when the other kids are here. DH and I enjoy having the kids with us, knowing they are safe. I let DS lay down with us and I think that led her think it was time to play. He feel asleep and she kept playing I tried to put her in a stroller, held her close, finally I rocked her in the chair and she went to sleep at 4. So now I wonder what our night is going to look like. Oh well at least it's Friday.

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