Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Daily Plan

Here is my plan. Of course now that I have it written it will most likely change :). I want to see us outside almost all day. Depending on weather of course. We are going to put up a small pool and I know they will want to be in there. So I will keep you posted.

Breakfast ( read Bible )

When the clear their plate they can play until DH leaves.

Table time 30 MIN

( They are allowed to change as long as they put it away. If the younger ones throw it on the floor, pick it up once, if they do it again all done with that one they can have another.)

Floor time 30 MIN

( Stretches, lunges, cardio, goofy games with lots of moving and shaking, will post later as we get a good routine)

Potty, wash, change diapers,

Snack- fruit- read

Outside time

Relay, games, obstacle course,

Potty, wash, diaper change

Lunch- read

Play inside a little while we clean up

Nap- read- set okay to wake timer

Potty, wash, diaper change

Snack- veggie- read

Messy play

Free play

Friday as an incentive for table time and floor time we will go to the park
Leaving around 8. Pack a snack and water, eat at 9:30 and head back around 9:45 right after snack .

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