Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trip to the zoo

Took a surprise trip today. I don't tell them where we are going incase it doesn't work out that way. They also seem to like it more when we just show up there.

We went to the zoo. It is a small zoo but it works. I took a lot pictures with plans to make flash cards or a book. I will let ya what I come up. I thought R and T would have been more excited but it getting toward nap time. They still had a great time. They liked to watch the people more. F and C had a great time. C and F liked the Alligators the most.

We took the train around. They all thought it was a lot of fun to see the animals up a little closer. I added a picture of R and I as I am never in any pictures.

The carousel was the younger girls favorite part. R would giggle every time it went up. T had the biggest smile I have ever seen on her. They could have done it over and over I think.
This was a rock they climbed. C and F were a little nervous about coming down. But that did not stop them from going again. ( notice my yummy ice coffee)

Aren't those swings great! They said it felt like a roller coaster.

Thanks Z for being such a great helper!

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