Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crushed Ice

I bought a snow cone maker but it has been making them very watery. It has been CRAZY hot out so I was looking for something to keep them cool and busy.

I froze some kool-aid in ice cube trays in the morning and by afternoon they were ready. I did lemonade and strawberry. Just what I had. We never drink it anymore. Worried about all the dye.
We put the ice cubes in a zip lock bag, put a towel over and used a hammer to crush the ice. Everyone's favorite part. Sorry there are no pictures of that, was making sure the hammer stayed on the table and off little toes.

I wanted to layer the colors and make it look really cool. They just wanted to eat the ice.

We will do this again.
I thought the bag with get a hole and it did. Any ideas on what else to use ? An added tip we used the side of the hammer for some of it. Broke it up a little easier.

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