Monday, July 18, 2011

Montessori Beginnings-room

I have finally got the room done. Well it has been done for a little while but I have gotten pictures taken.

This is the reading area. I plan to add more pillows just have to be careful the vent is right there. I add more books and I was thinking a tape player or Cd player so they listen to books also ( thanks Sarah for those).

I tried to set up the room into little areas. This is for the younger ones. Trays that are safe for them. They like to just stand there and work. Very cute. They have animal and shape puzzles on there today. Notice the camera in the window I am going to video them doing their activities and they won't notice.

Here is an extra area to work and the calendar /song area.

This area will hold tray activities and extends into the older kids area.

This is a desk for them to work at if they want. They can also go to that other table.

So there it is... Expect to see more pictures and videos in this room.

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