Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Not been posting much, what's going on!

I have been in a bit of a life rut lately. Well I think I have it under control now. I have wanted things to be prefect so I have not done them incase they don't turn out the way I think they should. So this has made me not want to do much.

I am talking about working with the kids and keeping up with the house.
So with the help of Flylady I have established some new routines that are helping me and the kids get our life together. I have been following Flylady advice on and off for a few years and now it is time to make it stick. I have been decluttering for a few years. A little at a time. I almost have it to where it needs to be in order to keep up with the weekly home blessing. I am hoping that doing these routines will help my kids learn to appreciate there home also.
She has you start with a shiny sink. I though this was crazy but it has over time kept the rest of the kitchen looking mighty nice. With the kids meals and eating had made a mess of the kitchen so I implemented a rountine of having one of them wash the dishes while I clean up under the table.

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