Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kid Friendly Tuna Salad

We were headed to make lunch when H, who only likes to eat certain things ( I don't care much for the label "picky eater") says I think we should have chicken nuggets.  My reply was we don't have enough time to cook them, since we make ours homemade.    She then says okay lets make Tuna and put it on crackers.  I had planned for us to have Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches.  But I was interested as this is something I would have never guessed she would eat.  I told her she and F could make lunch.  She was head chef and had to tell F and I what to do.

She gathered her materials.
A bowl
sweet pickle relish
mayo or miracle whip
crackers ( circle ones)
two cans of Tuna fish in water

There was no measuring here they just added and tasted until it was just right.  The younger girls R and T were grabbing the tuna plain and eating it before anything was added.  They enjoyed it.  They mixed it together, set the table, and called us all to eat.  What a great impromptu meal!

What have you made that you didn't think your kids would eat and they did?

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