Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Family Child Care: Licences Update

Okay sorry this is a little after the fact. I was completely wore out after she left and have been for a while ( will touch on that in another post).  

So here is what happened while she was here.  We did a lot of paper work.  It was more helpful then I expected. She went through every form and explained why it is important to have.  She gave me  forms that I will need to have parents fill out with the things she is looking for.  A check list of the papers that I will need to have in the child's file for her.  A fire and tornado drill sheet and a check list of what she will be looking for in regrades to the drills and safety in the home.   

We also went around the house testing all the fire alarms and the Carbon Dioxide detectors, looking at every outlet, and all the blind cords.  Even though we are not using the basement I took her down since we will be using for tornado. 

We went through the packet of standards making sure I was clear in what they meant and asked questions when things seemed unclear.  

The whole process took just over 5 hours.  Daddy -O took the kids to the museum and the play McDonald's, take goodness I could not image doing with them all here.  

It is now just a waiting game till my licences comes in the mail. Which should be next week I think.  I am super excited that we decided to do this.  So far nothing has seemed unrealistic or to out there.  I am excited to teach the children and be there for them while still being there for my kids and making a decent income!!  

I would love to talk with others who are in the same situation.  Send me an email or leave a comment.   

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