Monday, January 23, 2012

Overwhelmed by things on the floor

As I look around the living room, I think how did this happen in just a few hours.  Every toy a was on the floor. I play with them but didn't realize until I sat down to take a break at nap.  All I could do was look at it and feel overwhelmed.  I made a cup of coffee and began to search for answers to help with this.  I got on The Flylady FB page. I talked with some other ladies they suggested a 5 min room rescue, after reading that I thought and replied, we just move on to the next thing all day. We get distracted and off routine when the littles have to go potty. I guess after that we should just go back to that area and pick it up. And maybe no eating until the area we were playing in is picked up.  

We take potty breaks but sometimes they don't have to poop then,  I also try to keep us eating at the same time so when the food is ready we wash up and eat.  So what I think is we will have to pick up before then.  But more important is that they know where to put things,  I think I am going to have to shell out a little bit of money for some shelves in the living room.  This is where they really like to play.  I am thinking cubes and baskets. 

For the over all storage I found an idea I like at The cottage home blog.  I have tried this in the past.  But I tried to take pictures of all the toys in the bins.  Why didn't I think of taking the pictures from the web and just printing.  I already have an inventory of the toy we have since DCFS needed one.  I will update when its done.  


  1. We do ten minute timer on Wade's room and the living room often. Sometimes the kitchen too. We set the timer, and do teamwork--as he calls it. Gets it cleaned up quicker. If he does it by himself, I give him 10 chocolate chips :) Bribe? yes.

  2. Sarah that is great! I just implemented a work, earn money plan. Then at the end of the week they can buy something out of this box that will sit there all week. Here's the catch. If I or daddy-O has to do the work then they have to pay us! I will be posting it when I get it all lined up. They both worked hard this evening and we had a great time..


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