Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The great dirt pile!

After hill jumping we set off to the great dirt pile that is on the other side of us.  
R could spend hours making "chocolate milk"

There go the "big kids" off to create something as far away from the littles as they can.  

I brought these over and they spent a long time sitting there by themselves.  I thought CJ would have picked them up.  

F is gathering her materials and her plans.  She wouldn't tell me. 

They are starting to play together a little more each day.  They still like that side by side play.  They are usually together. 

The stage of fill it up.........

.......and pour it out.  Covering his leg I might add.

C went and go some other materials along with those tucks. They were really working together and talking about what they were going to do and who should do what.  They really work as a team.

I made CJ one of his most favorite things....  A MUD BALL!!! 

Again dump it out and............

Oh where it as a hat!

F and I made a mud man. 


They created a fire pit out of materials laying in the area.  Looks great doesn't it!

Good times had by the great dirt pile.

The neighbors have plans to put trees here.  Bummer :( maybe I can get a smaller version for our yard.   

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