Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pick and Draw: Learn how to draw game

Around Christmas I set out searching for a game that would teach young children to draw and would be a great boredom buster during the winter months.  I came across Pick and Draw.  I contacted Rich Davis about his product and he sent me one to review.  The cards came very quickly in the mail, with in a day or two!  The cards came in a plastic case for easy storage.  A big plus in my book, I worry about storing things in plastic bags with the younger kids around.   In the deck is an inspiring message about God, which I did not expect and felt inspired, I share it with the kids every time we play. I was also drawn to this product by the cost.  I felt the cost fit the product.  

When I first got the deck I held off a little bit thinking my children are too little for this.  I was wrong!  
This is the drawing my 1 1/2 year old daughter (R)  made while we were playing one evening while dinner was cooking. 

This is the drawing my 4 1/2 year old son (C) made.
This is the one I made.

Now I know my daughters doesn't look like much but she took the time to work and wait for us to pick a new a card.  My son and I had a great time, this is the first time we had tried to draw the same thing.  We would not look at each others and see how we did when we were done.  I think he did pretty good.  

I brought it out with the older kids and they had the same response, a great time.  With them I lined them up and everyone picked a different card.   

(I can not get it to turn side ways)

I let them pick which to start with 
 Below you see how they did with their drawings

 This is their faces. Sorry it is kind are to see.  Bad photo:(  

 Their eyes.

Their nose.

 Their hair.

Their mouths.

And at last their finished project.  They were very proud of their pictures as you can see from their faces.  
This is a game you will find out at our home waiting for a great time to draw.  
Thank you Rich for this fun game. You showed me that at a young age they can do it! 

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