Thursday, April 19, 2012

Searching for Tadpoles

We were given some tadpoles a few weeks ago.  I did a water change, not the first time.  But this time I killed them.  All of them  there were about 50.  The kids were really taking an interest in them.  So I thought we should go and find more.  We didn't find any but had a good time looking.  We also looked in the lake and in the pools around us.  We will get some more this weekend from where we got the others, in a pool.  So silly.  I think I will take them to the bigger lake tomorrow to see what we can find.  

It's a bad picture sorry.
She (R) is telling me its cold.  Notice none of the others seem to notice.  

We brought with us two pitchers and two nets.  Everyone shared.  The littles ( what I three younger ones age 1-2) spent more time pouring out the water.  It's their favorite thing to do right now.  The older ones spent their time seeing if they could jump across and looking under rocks.

We had a friend and her two kids ( same ages).  She made a comment about this moment "stretching her wings as a mom".  That she doesn't know if she would have thought to let the kids do this.  Funny because I don't really know what else to do with them!!   ( I think I just found a new post idea)

Where do you take your kids to find Tadpoles?

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