Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Camelbak has our back

Some of you know I am a coffee addict   There are times I want to cut it out, I have tried to only limit a number of cups and  go cold turkey. Not a good thing, I have to say that coffee gives me patience.  I guess that sense of security.  Anyway, I had to figure out how to get my water in.  I was not that I did not like it.  I just liked coffee more.  I might add it is half the caffeine or mostly decaf.  I trick myself.  
So I pulled on the Camelbak my mom had gotten me. Throughout the day I would drink, I noticed my kids were guzzling it. Prince Charming and I were amazed, well because kids only drink things with "taste" So I pulled out their Camelbak cups filled them up first thing and left them on the table.  Within reach for Mini Me (R) who is three and my super hero (C) who is 5. We have been doing this now for almost two months. I am amazed how much water we consume!  I still drink my coffee but I have a goal to drink 24oz during the time it takes for school drop off, pick up and one if not two in between.  That’s at least 72oz no problem.     Prince Charming has one too, he leaves his at work.    

Ok why does this water bottle stand out?  It is spill proof!!!   I allow my kids to use this water bottle around the house.   Side-note: There is a house rule, only water in this bottle.  Did not want milk(gross), juice, or even flavored water left in these.    They also have this valve that you bite gently and sip just like you would a straw.  Their site states, that a recent study by Pepperdine University found that people who drink from Camelbak drink up to 24% more water than people who drink from other reusable or disposable bottles.  I believe this to be true with our family. My super hero even takes his in his lunch. 

I know in the end it comes down to cost.  Depending on where you purchase it ranges in the $10 to $20 range.  We got ours at Target. Here is their website .   It looks like they have all kinds of stuff there, filtered bottles, glass, stainless steel, and even replacement pieces.  If you haven’t tried out a Camelbak water bottle yet, I would HIGHLY recommend it!

Now with the daycare everyone can have water at any time.  They know where the cups are and how to fill or they ask.  I am working on getting them each their own Camelbak water bottle. 

Disclaimer: I was not paid or given this product by Camelbak.  My mom does not work for Camelbak. The review on this product is mine and how it works for my family..

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