Thursday, December 5, 2013

Traditions and Senses

Woke up this morning with the fear that Christmas is almost here, inching its way closer.  My little super hero is counting down.  Thanks to a Micky Mouse count down ornament.  That never made it back in the Christmas box.

So I called on my trusty friend Flylady. She has been there for me when I begin to freak out about our home.  I can recall doing this for the few years.  Why have I never actually used one of these journals.  I think because I jump in with all these ideas and burn out.   This year baby steps, one thing at a time.  I will also involve my family and put what I have created in the Christmas Box so I can just call on it when needed.

So as I began to read through FlyLady’s Holiday Control Journal.  She wrote,

"Always remember that memories you create with your traditions are reflected in all
of your senses: Sight, sound, feel, taste and smell."

Wow what a great place to start.  This is what I am working on today with Prince Charming and the kids.

How do your traditions reflect on your senses?

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