Sunday, May 4, 2014


Oh yummy!! I added kale (green) 1/2 frozen banana ( purple) almond milk ( yellow) and t peanut butter ( oil) to my vanilla Shakeology (red)  It's my favorite now! I really can't believe it!!
Must be good. I let him try it. And went to wake up Rose. And he has stole it. With all that good stuff in it. he can have it. I'll make another.

2 Hard boiled eggs( red)  and a Haleo orange ( purple) for snack 

Lunch. I had chicken leg ( red) carrots ( green). 

Snack pop corn 

Dinner baked potato, salsa, veg minestrone soup. Glass of wine 

My day was not as planned as I had hoped and planned I totally believed I was going to get my food preped. Hubs was not able to come home tonight like planned.  So we went to him. Had dinner at the Drury Inn.  

I'm taking this plan one step at a time. This is real life and I have to adapt.  I felt I chose a good meal. One that will me closer to my goal.  

I didn't get my workout like I wanted.  I swam with kids. But nothing like the workout.  Plan to double up tomorrow. 

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