Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Learning/exploring room

I have decided to make a room for learning, exploring, and play. Thinking that I maybe able to contain some of the randomness and keep us all focused. I find them wandering around looking for something to do. If I give them something or we start playing then I wander off to work on house work.. This will keep all of us in the same spot for a while to learn.

So here is my issue-- This is the layout I was thinking about a corner for older and younger. A corner for reading. A wall for the calendar stuff. But where do I put the tables and shelves. I was thinking about a table under a window so they can sit and look outside at the birds. I just want the all to see.

Or does it not matter. Just get it set up. This is where I am heading and if it doesn't work or I don't like it then change it.

The kids and even M ( my dear hubby) are looking forward to this room.. So I ready to get started.
This room was R but I moved her stuff in with C and they like it. Thank Goodness. Loving it!

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