Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Oh how I love it when the little ones can tell me what they want instead of making that awful sound when they want some thing. We have come along way. I started with C when he was young and we pretty much skipped the terrible twos. We are heading toward awful fours though :( I began using with R right after 6 months I think and I use it T. We started out with milk with R. Then moved on to more, eat, all done, please, thank you, sorry, cat, bird, brush teeth, shoes, and sleep Below you will find the signs we use. Here the site these came from 100 first signs. I know that the girls mom has been reading my blog so this should help her out too. What is so exciting about this is she said that just this weekend T has been using her signs up a storm and talking. So excited. Our little people are growing up. I am happy I started this blog and their mom can follow our days.

Milk Thank you

More Sorry

All done
( the girls do it with all fingers)
Please Bird

Brush teeth Shoes
( we rub fists back in forth )


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