Friday, July 1, 2011

Montessori Beginnings- Rolling dough

With these warm days. We have been spending the mornings outside and afternoons inside. We decided to make cookies. I had a box of Funfetti cake mix. C had a friend over who suggested we make cookies. I have never made Funfetti cookies, it was easy and we will do again.
We make the dough. Recipe is on the side of the box.

As you know I have been a having a difficult time with working with each age group. Making cookies went great. Everyone was rolling their dough by themselves.

Look how proud she is that she can do it.

They never seem to do it play dough. Maybe this worked because there is a purpose.

Each of us took turns flattening the balls. She was concentrating so hard as she did it.

Cookies came out YUMMY. They frosted them with star sprinkles.

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