Friday, July 8, 2011

To sell or to donate

I have spent the last few months going through the things we no longer need. Things we have not touched in a while and things that are just taking up space. I am trying to simplify our home and our lives. The room that has all the stuff is the storage room. This is where I am going to put the over flow of supplies, games, and toys while they are in rotation.

With all this stuff gathered, I was planning on having garage sale. But the weeks are going by fast and I am ready to just get rid of it. Our weekends are full and it is a lot work. So should I just donate it to Goodwill? But then I do not have cash in hand like I would with a sale. But it does go to a great cause and we can take it off on taxes.

M says just donate. We have so much on our plate and it is just easier.

What would you do?

Update: July 11, 2011

I called a local home for women and children. They will take everything!!! So we dropped of two truck loads of stuff. Isn't that great. I was not feeling up to the donation to Goodwill this time. God must have been weighing on my heart. I felt so good giving it and they were so happy to see the stuff. The children in the home thought it was Christmas. They were so thankful. Isn't it great to be such a blessing to others.

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