Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm Flying

Have you every heard of " The Flylady"? She is this wonderful women who at a hard time in her life turned it around and is now helping people all over the world do so. She has really helped me figure this whole wife/mom/homemaker thing out.

When I first started staying home I was looking for a guide on how to keep it all together. How to run a successful home. I came across the site and it was really helpful. I was still a little overwhelmed at home to put it all together. I would do some of the steps sometimes. I did not truly get how to do the Zones until I was done removing the clutter in one room.

Some of the zones I am able to, but others I am still decluttering. I feel as if this will never end, I know it will because that is how I felt a while ago when I gave up. Since then I have been making weekly trips to the local women shelter. They will take it all. So I do not have to sort it out. The kids are really getting in to it. A few times C has come up to me and said "I think another kid would like this, can we drop it off?" I know that what I am doing it making a difference in them.

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