Monday, August 29, 2011

Remove the clutter, see the smile

Flylady was right when she said you can not organize your clutter.  My home was full no one knew where to put things. So they would just get moved to another spot or end up in a box or bag stuffed some where.  Nothing had a home.  I have made a list of the areas I want to work on and I spend a little bit of time in that area a few times a week. Never spending longer than 30 minutes. So do not take out more than that!!! I set the timer.  Flylady says this is very important and I did not believe that till this time around.  I go much faster when the time is on.  I have three bags set up.  Those canvas reusable ones.  Flylady sells the some. But I use these as they are easier for me to walk around with and I have a smaller amount to put away.  The bags are for donation, trash, and put away.  The put away has been taking me a little longer.  I seem to have a lot of the kids  memory stuff to put away.  I will start to do that right away now, instead of let it pile up.

For a long time I was keeping stuff just because I may need it later.  I have had to let this go. If I need it later then I guess I will go get it.  I haven't needed it yet.  And if I don't care for it.  Then why have it crowding my family. I told you that I was bringing my stuff to a home for women and children.  If at one time I thought I needed it then another women may need it now.  This thought has really helped the kids and I clear out our home.  There is still a lot to be done.  But in small steps.

So that is how I am removing the clutter from my home.  There is a new found love for my home when I can see the clear table tops and the floor.  I am not saying the kids toys are always off the floor nor do I want them to be but they are loved toys and played with.  They have a home and the kids know where they go.

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