Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting Started: The Activity Cycle

Implementing the Activity Cycle has really helped the kids know that the activity they are working with is going to start. They are going to learn and explore something new. This also keeps them organized.

Mr. Bowman speaks in his book Montessori at Home about how doing the Activity Cycle opens pathways for more information to be learned. This is at its peak around three and by six or seven they have been formed. He talks about a process called "pruning", that happens when the path ways are not activated by experience are no longer there.

So doing the Activity Cycle they are building the pathways and connections that will stick with them the rest of their lives.

This is what this process looks like at our house:
1. They bring the floor rug or mat to create their work space. ( We use carpet squares donated by the local flooring store)
2. They bring the activity from the shelf to that work space and work on it for as long as they please.
3. They clean up and put the activity back on the shelf.
4. They put the rug or mat back where it is stored.

Note: This does not all ways go like this. There are times they are fighting over the rug or they get excited and forget the rug. I just remind them and move on.

What does it look like at your home or center?

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