Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting in to a routine : keeping up with blogging

I have been busy with the kiddo's and have felt like I have neglected what I want to do and that is blog, I enjoy reading, commenting, and posting.  I enjoy even more creating a plan to do to the things I learn about.  I was having trouble pulling all this together until I left the house!  Yes I left the house and headed to the local Mickey D's.  This is the closest thing I have to a coffee house.  It gets me out of the house, with some adults, and able to get things done.

When I was going back to school I would come in and study at 5 am.  I would sometimes be sitting in the car waiting for it open.  I get so much done without the house work or the kids pulling at me.  Mostly C. I do not know if he can hear me or smell me....  the coffee that is :)

So here I sit with a plan.  I got a great plan sheet over at Oh the Places We'll Go.  It gives me a weekly break down of what I need to.  My biggest problem is I have ideas and I have the pictures. I have started to write and took the pictures.  I just needed time to join them together.  So you will be seeing some things from the summer, because I failed to get them together.  So bare with me as I get my act together.

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