Monday, September 26, 2011

Master Bedroom: Flying

Teaching the kids care for their things has just began to weigh on my.  I don't know if it is because I am getting older, the kids, or that there are always people over.  I want out home to be a place we can always turn to to have a good time and to be there when we need a break.

The kids and I just cleared the floor in my room and you should have seem them.  It was like a new room!  They began to dance, snuggle, read.  We spent the rest of the afternoon in this room.  It is one of the brightest rooms in the house and it was a nice day out.  C was so proud of the work they had did.  He kept saying look how nice it looks. I hope by having our routines in place and sticking to them, we can have this feeling in every room and not to feel like we always need to clean.  Remember how I said my toilet is always clean because I clean it when I go in and now its something I don't even know I am doing.  Just another thing that gets done when using the bathroom.  I hope my other habits take over like this.

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