Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pretending to Move- Flylady Style

As you know I have been decluttering and getting ride of the things we don't love or need. We are blessing other families by giving it away. I find myself thinking, "Oh if I would have kept that stuff I could have sold it and had the cash", but then I think of the families that are blessed to have it.

With that said Flylady suggested we pretend like we are moving. In an email she sent, she said "If we had to pay a dollar per pound to move, how much clutter could you get rid of?" I thought about it and I looked around and began thinking if we were to really have to move what are the things I would have to take? I am in the process of making a list of those things and getting rid of the other stuff.

Let me know if you have done this? Or How you got rid of things when moving?

I become overwhelmed with the kids stuff, mostly their toys that lay around. I don't want to just toss their belongings. So we have made a deal if they want to keep they have to show me they love it by taking care of it, that means putting it back in the designated place ( its home). I try to remind them to pick up which I sometimes forget. :( In which we all clean up quickly.

How do you get your kids pick up? Have you tossed their toys if left out?

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