Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 1 Truth in the Tinsel

Well Day 1 is a day late.. I was still cutting out the candle templates.  So we may do another today to catch up.

Reading from the bible was a little much for them.  I will have to read while they are having snack or see if I can  sum it up.

I did the activity right before lunch.  Bad news!  I had two children that were overly tired, mine.  R cried and made a fuss much of the time.  I lit a candle thinking that would calm her down, nope only wanted to touch it.  She ended up pending some time in her room.  She calmed down and we went on.  We do not do crafts as much as I would like to because R puts it all in her mouth.  I decided today that we will just keep moving on and she will just be reminded that it doesn't go in her mouth and maybe give her something that does.  The others really enjoyed this project.  I don't think I explained the process fully as F only put tissue paper on the paper not covering.  C made balls and glued them on that way (they just made something with ball of tissue paper at school).  T enjoyed taring the paper and then rolling it up in her hands.

It was a process but we finished.    This is good for us.  It was structured.  Something they lack.  When we a craft or activity I usually just let them have at it and create.

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