Saturday, December 10, 2011

Montessori Beginnings:Practical Life: Grasp

During the summer and fall I introduced R and T to using the baster to transfer water.  They both did not have a strong enough grasp.  I learned about introducing this to the girls from Montessori At Home!   John has a whole page on grasp.  Here is a sample page  from his book on it.  This is one of those e-books I had to have printed.  I refer to it a lot. It has helped me the most in making my program Montessori Inspired.

I have since reintroduced it to R in the bath tube. I know it wouldn't be as messy and it might be more exciting.  She now has it down.  I may even let her do it at the table.  

The bath tube may be a place for to introduce some of the more messy stuff to the girls.  This will keep it contained and give the older ones some time without the girls in their work.  

What are you working on with your 1 -2 year old?

R is 22 months

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