Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What are the first steps to becoming a Family Child Care Provider?

I have a few emails about this topic, so it is only right to start here if I am going to document this process.  I want to mention this again in case I did not in other posts.  I am in Illinois.  I am only going off what Illinois has required of me.  You can check with your local licensing agency about what the steps are for you.  

  1.  Contact your local licencing office.  Ours is with DCFS.  They will send you a packet of the standards. This is a thick packet.  Read through and think about these you may have to make changes to your home.  We got rid of our trampolin and our small pop up ring pool.  There was a paper that I signed to say I wanted the actual application.  I think they get so many people who look at the standards and move on.  That was me.  I think it took me over 6 months to go back and say I was ready for the application.
  2. Application process: The application form its self asks for your information along with references. I messed up and put that there where two applicants my husband and I.  However, it just needs to be me since I will the one here the most.  He will just be with the kids in the morning before he leaves for work and after.  His name just went along with the kids, as people that live in the home.  The form asked for their Social Security number I gave Daddy-O's but did not give my kids.  I don't know if  it will get kicked back to me, but they are 1 and 4.  I don't like to give out that number and why should they need it.  
  3. Other paper work to be fill out a substitute form.  I do not have one so I did not.  Maybe one day, but I am not sure about that paying someone else and taxes just yet.   I had to make an escape plan.  I just used Paint on the computer and made it stick like. I wrote my hazardous weather plan, discipline, took inventory of the materials that would be used, late pick up policy, and background check form.
  4. Pre-service training hours:  I need 15 and I think you need 15 every year.  This counts CPR and First Aid , SIDS training, Shaken Baby, Mandated Reporter which you are required to have, I was able to count some from the Food Program.  I also found a site Texas AgriLife Extension Service's Family and Consumer Sciences where you can find some free online classes.  You may also want to check with your local child care resources agency to see if they anything.
  5. Making your home safe:  This was easy for me as R is just at the age that she is in to everything and my home is pretty child proofed. Here are some things they are going to be looking for covered outlets, poisons and  cleaners, medication, knifes,and tools out of reach or in a secure place.   I was worried about this because I allow the kids to use tools and sometime knifes when we are working.  I spoke with licensing rep and explained that focus on the Montessori way of learning and they are able to use.  She thought that was great and wanted to know they were supervised and they were put back when they finished. You will need to have a gate up if you have stairs.  Smoke detectors need to be in each room that the kids rest in and you will need a first aid kit and ABC fire extinguisher. Our smoke detectors are wired throughout the house.  I need to get cots for the kids to rest on.  Some areas are allowed to use mats.  

 This is as far as we are today.. Now just a waiting game.  Can't wait to tell you what comes next!


  1. Hi EOP,

    Be sure to have a carbon monoxide detector as well. They will require one at least 15 feet from the children's sleeping areas. You can go to www.carecourses.com to get some of your hours. It is accepted by DCFS and it's for all states. Hope this helps.

    If I come up with more info, I'll drop in on you. Congrats!!!

  2. Oh and one other thing, they will require the information for your children because they will be counted towards you license capacity. You will also require a physical for them as well.


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