Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Flylady Do Over

Routines:  Why don't we get along?

I have recently noticed I need them more then I want to believe.  I need to lean on it and learn to be consistent.  I need to do this for my kids too.  We do not work well with each other if I don’t keep our day consistent.  I wonder, why I fight it so much if it works?

So here I go back to the baby steps of what “Flylady” taught us! 
Establish small routines first
Establish a routine and stick it
Have fun while I am doing it

I have tried to make a full routine and make it work the first day.  Talk about over whelmed and burned out.  I need to remember this when establishing a new schedule for the kids.  So I picked a couple things to start with. 

Before bed
Clean sink and counter
Pick out clothes, brush teeth, lotion
Check the calendar 

Flylady has babysteps to follow, monthly habits, and weekly zones that really help you keep on top of your life.  Here we go again!  check out The Flylady FlyLady cartoon

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