Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Family Child Care Licensing: Update

Got a phone call this morning from my DCFS Licensing Rep.  She still hasn't got information from back from one of my references.  :( She needed me to give her another person.  She also scheduled her "walk through".  She said this would take about 4 hours without the kids.  Daddy-O is going to take off and take the kids out.  She said will be going through the packet she sent me and checking for things like:
  • ABC Fire extinguisher
  • first aid kit
  • outlet covers
  • fire alarms in the rooms the kids sleep and the kitchen. Ours are wired.  I do need to add one to a room where one child sleeps and to the kitchen.  Has to be 15ft from the kitchen
  • flash light
  • evaluation plan 
  • chemicals out of reach
  • window cords 
I will give you another update after.  

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