Monday, May 4, 2015

Boy has my life every changed

  I was sitting back this weekend really thinking about all that has happened and how I never in a million years thought I would be moving as many times as we have in the past few years!  4 times since May 2013! It is hard to adjust after a move.  I feel like my life is off balance.  Trying to pack, unpack, and put away, get into new routines, meet new people.  We moved in to this rental house in November 2014.  The goal is to stay here for 3 years until the owner is ready to retire.  The rent is a great price and once the house in Marion sells we will be able to save again. I am going to start to be pretty diligent with our money, making sure to assign to a place instead of watching it leave without a plan.  Not  sure I will go for a huge home again. I do like homes with some character. 

Like before I plan to use this as a way to keep myself accountable.  I have neglected this page during the moves. I plan to go back and add bits and pieces to fill in our history.   During the move we also began homeschooling, I will be adding here what we are doing. 

I began my fitness journey in Feb 2014 and fell off when we moved.  I am back at and will be reporting in here to keep myself accountable and to encourage other moms.  I lost 20 lbs with T25 and gained some back and lost 12 with 21 day fix.  I am up and down.  I am an emotional eater.. I talk myself into the whole its just one and then it turns into a meal, day, week, months of negative behaviors.  I am hoping by tracking it here.  I will overcome this.  

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