Thursday, July 9, 2015

2015-2016 school year plan at a glance

This year we are going to try something different.  I am actually going into the school year with a PLAN!!  I am very much a fly by the seat of my pants girl. But I am not sure how good that is for the education of my children.   Here is the mess I am working with.

Math we are using Saxon
Reading we are using All About Reading
Handwriting we are using A Reason For Handwriting
We will be using Classical Conversations for Bible, Science, History, Geography, Latin, Math, English Grammar, and Fine Arts,

We are covering  
 World History: Empires, people, and Counties ( ancient through modern)
Geography Africa and The World
Science Biology and Earth Science ( completing experiments and projects)
English Grammar Verbs and Prepositions 
Latin Noun endings (declensions)
Bible Memory Exodus 20
Art Masters, Drawing 
Music Composers, Music theory  

I am looking to add a typing program ( we haven't decided yet)

We are also going to complete Little House Books By Laura Ingalls Wilder
This is the goal a book a month.With at least 20 minutes of read aloud a day.   We will move on as we go.

September Little House in the Big Woods 
October Farmer Boy
November Little House on the Prairie
 December On the Banks of Plum Creek
January By the Shores of Silver Lake
 February The Long Winter
 March These Happy Golden Years
 April Little Town on the Prairie
 May The First Four Years

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