Monday, September 12, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training: Going Cold Turkey

 The girls have been expressing a great interest in going pee.  With that I decided there is no better time then the  present.  I read in a Montessori book that they are able to do it at this time.  R has been going in the after sleeping for a few months.  My DH and I would just put her on like it was something that everyone after they woke up.  We started with mornings.  It was easier.  Then one day after watching their signs closer I though I am just going to do this.  They were telling me and putting their hands there when they were going.

I gated off a room.  Mine just happened to be the kitchen and dinning room, but a friend just told me they used the garage and I thought why didn't I think of that!?  I put out two potties.  Side note: I love the Bright Star My Little Potty I got from Wal-Mart.  As it is shorter they can sit on and their feet still reach the floor.  There is also a little lid and the bowl or cup comes out easily.  I explained to them they are big girls and we will be going pee in the potty and took their diapers off and told them no more diapers, even at nap and bed.  ( I am not sure if that will work if I did not stop drinks an hour before bed)  That diapers are for babies and you are big girls.  R picked up on this quick as she began taking all the diapers and putting them on her babies.

The first day they had a lot of accidents.  I wrote down every time they went and if it was on the floor and if any made it in the potty.  I think I did this for the first two days.  They peeped at the almost the same time both  days.  By the end of the 2nd day.  They would start and run to the potty.  They were getting it I was so excited.     After I saw they were getting it I decided that I put them in undies or just pants so they could feel it.  Since then we have only had a few accidents and that is okay they are only 19 months.

Let me know about your potty training adventures!!

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