Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Montessori Beginnings- Pad locks

Today I got out a new tray. First they got their carpet square. Then brought their tray to it.

I put two pad locks and the tray with keys on a ring. I did not show them how to do this one. They are four so I thought they would enjoy figuring it out. Almost like a puzzle.

C was done with in no time. Good thing I had another tray ready, small, medium, and large.

F took a little longer. She kept trying to pull it open, asking for help ( kept telling her to keep at it, she will get it). She was trying to open it with the small dots on top. She really worked at it for a while.. Then all of a sudden she turned it over and she said with an excited voice, "I think the key goes in here!" I love it when you can hear and see that little light go on in their heads. She did it over and over.

While all this is going on the little ones are in their way. Grabbing and pulling at them as they work. I think it would better if I could keep them occupied long enough to show the older what to do and then go back to them. Okay that is my plan for this week. This can be done.

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