Sunday, September 18, 2011

Family Traditions

As we begin the holiday seasons. I thought I would post the family traditions we have acquired. My first year as a mom I searched for things that I would like as family traditions and was worried we would have none if I didn't get them all lined up and started them his first year. I remember worrying about that when we got married to, but changed when we had kids.
Since then I have learned they just happen and some years they just don't happen, but they are still traditions. We seem to have traditions most of them in the fall and winter then in the spring and summer. Is that same for you?

I am going post a series of our family traditions. I hope you will join me and post yours.


  1. Pumpkin patch before Halloween. Home made cinnamon rolls on Christmas. Elf on a Shelf.

  2. Oh I forgot about the Elf on a Shelf. C has a few friends that have it, do you?

    Today C began asking for Pumpkins. Thinking we will take a trip soon.

    Do you have a good recipe for cinnamon rolls? Please pass it on.

  3. My mom got the kids Elf on Shelf. He should be here next week. Can't wait to see how the kids do with it. How does W do with it? F just had hers come and talks him all day.


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