Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Remember

As this day marks the 10th year since our country had it's worst tragedy America had ever seen! I know that many of remember what you were doing exactly when you received the news. And you always will.

I lived with my brother in an apartment, we had just started college. It was our first year at a new school. We did not know anyone and we had decided to save money and not hook up a TV.

My brother was walking home I was standing on the deck waiting for him to see how class had gone. He was yelling that something terrible was happening. We had turned on the radio. And then heading out to find a TV and to support those who had family there.

My hurts for those who lost loved ones on this day. This day brought our country together as a family.

God Bless America!!

What were you doing on this day? Are you doing anything with your kids to teach them about it?

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