Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Crock Pot Ground Beef

I hit a great sale at Kroger this week on Ground Beef.  Each pack I got has at least 3 lbs. I was thinking how long it would take for me to cook it.  I wondered if I could cook it in a crock pot.  I put it on high and popped in and out through out the morning.  It worked!   It turned out great.  I kept crumbling it and mixing it around.  It turned out better than in the pan.  If you were short on time however this may not be the way you want to cook it.  I drained it, bagged it up, and put it in the freezer.  So far I did Taco and just browned.  

What do you mix with your ground beef and freeze for a quick meal?  


  1. When we started using ground venison instead of beef (cheaper, fewer additives, fewer hormones, etc.), I learned to season the meat, not the sauce. SO...I would season the meat for Italian type stuff (spaghetti, lasagna). Season for chili, Mexican (taco inspired dishes). And for steam burgers/maid rites.

  2. Those are great ideas. Do you guys hunt? I don't remember.


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