Friday, November 18, 2011

DCFS Day Care License

So Daddy-O and I have decided to go through the steps to getting licensed to have In Home Child Care Program. No longer just a "babysitter",  I have wanted this for a long time.  So that is where I have been for while.  At first I was extremely overwhelmed and put it away and thought it was a crazy thought.  Then a few months later I decided to just for it.  
There has been several  papers to fill out and policies to make up. Even an inventory of the materials I use.   I have been working on that in my free time.

Be on the look out for more on this topic as I adventure through this process.  


  1. Hey, good for you, Kelly, you have really worked at this and will provide a great experience for your kids! Who knows, maybe you'll start your own big day care / preschool someday! Home programs are wonderful because the kids home!
    Look forward to hearing more about your adventures.

  2. John, I have been thinking about you a lot as I go through this process and change things up. I will be contacting you here soon with some ideas I need your input on. Thanks for all you inspirations, guidance, and support as I embark on this journey.


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