Monday, June 24, 2013

A New Chapter.

God answered our prayers in April. Prince Charming accepted a job in another town. Which meant we had to move. He left a month before the kids and I. We stayed back while I finished up daycare stuff and my little super hero finished school. The hardest part was leaving the life, the house, the community, and the friends Prince charming and I had created. The kids and I left on the last day of kindergarten for my little super hero. So I was a mess. I am thankful for all the supported me that day. I didn't know how I was going to drive all the way to the new town in tears but we made it.
We have been here a month and everyone is adjusting well. We are renting currently and have plans to close on a house late July. We had planned to rent for a year. But it's small I can't unpack a box as there is no place to the things from the box. The rooms smell like pet urine. Even though they were "cleaned". And we are using a spare bed as a place to store our clothes. The back yard that is fenced in is rock and cactus. We knew most of these things ( expect the urine smell) and felt like we could do it until we all came together. Oh my goodness. It got smaller as the kids ran around, I unpacked, or I tried to cook. We had to face the reality that we had it good and it was going to be difficult for us to stay here. We were coming from a house that was 1,800 sqft upstairs, had a full basement and a huge open yard to explore. In a neighborhood that we could trust. So we set out to find a house. Not an easy task. Price charming and I would send each other pictures and I would go check it out. At first we wanted woods and a pond. Then we thought about how much work it would be and how often I was driving into town. So we found one on a lake with a smaller yard and a large common area right off it. Minutes from a wild life refuge. It's about 3,000 sqft it doesn't have a basement it has a crawl space. The house out here just don't have basements.

My little super hero is on the swim team here and mini me talks to everyone so we have been meeting people.

Prince charming enjoys his job. I don't plan to open a daycare here. So well see what God has in mind for me.

How did you deal with relocating your family?

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