Thursday, January 16, 2014

T25 Week 1 Completed

Hey guys, so week one is done!!!!   I am so proud of myself for sticking to it.  There was a day or two I didn't want to do it. My motivation to follow through was my kids.  Most of the days they were in the kitchen making oatmeal watching me..  I couldn't give up!  What would that teach them!  So I kept pushing play.

 I don't have a handle on my schedule for the week.  The weekends kinda get me off. Saturday we went bird watching so I walked about a mile and a half with Princess Pea on my shoulders.

  So I am counting that as a workout and Sunday I was able to get it in after church.  Usually I don't like working out in front of Prince Charming.  But he was outside with the kids.

My eating has been okay.  We ate out once which is huge for us and I split the meal.  I asked for a to go box when I ordered!  I have always known to do that, but never had the guts.  New me here, and I don't what others think.  The kids were so happy I had brought them home some food!  So here my plan.  I have been making freezer meals again.  What I need to do is add up the calories in My Fitness Pal .  They now have it so you can scan the items for you recipe or meal.  EASY!!  I hope, I will give it a shot my next cooking session.  

So that is where I am  making progress one day at a time.  This time around I am in it for the habit.  I know the results will come with that!
For 25 minutes I sure sweat a bunch! 

Let me know how you are doing.

Do something today your future self you thank you for!

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